Here is a family farm with a long history
Otira homestead was built in the 1920s at the top of gentle rise looking over a family farm.

Three generations of Dixons have worked the land since then. Today John and Robyn Dixon welcome guests into their gracious home.

John was born and raised in the Otira homestead on Phillip Island.

He knows the hard work of farming this unique land. And the beauty of the island, with its charms, stories and secrets.

As a young man, he worked with tourists at the Penguin Parade. This was long before the present visitor's center and the viewing stands where the little birds walk past each evening after their time at sea searching for food.

Robyn came to the island from New Zealand as a teacher on holiday, in the 1970s, married and has been there since. Together they have raised the next generation of Dixons: Scott and Barclay.

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